Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Motivation: Just A Few Things

Because this is a busy time of the year, I thought I'd just give you a few ideas of tasks to complete to make your life easier after the holidays.  So, here we go. . .

1.  Buy your 2011 calendar.  Read my post from last year about how our family uses calendars.

2.  Donate any Christmas decorations you aren't going to use.  If you donate them now, others can benefit from them this holiday season.  10 more things to get rid of.

3.  Buy your baking supplies now while they are on sale.  I just bought several bags of flour, wrapped them in plastic bags, and froze them for future use.  I saved 50% by doing this and I have enough flour to last me well into next year. 

4.  Fix any ornaments that have broken.  I just "super glued" several ornaments that we haven't used for a few years.  I can't believe I waited for years to fix them - it only took 5 minutes to do the repair. 

5.  If you use small light bulbs for nightlights in your home, buy candle light bulbs while they are available now.  They are much less expensive than buying them in the regular light bulb department. 

So there you have it.  Just a few thoughts to help you out.  Do you have any ideas to share?


  1. Cranberries! Buy them while they're available fresh and freeze them to use throughout the year. I make cranberry sauce all through the year, as well as pumpkin cranberry bread, orange cranberry muffins and all sorts of other goodies.

  2. It's so hard to get just the right calendar!! I sometimess just give up on carrying one around!
    But - I could not live without the one on my fridge!

    Sheri O.


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