Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Motivation: Kitchen Drawers and Counter Tops

I was happy to hear from several readers about how they've been working on their kitchens.  I have to admit that I was a bit slack this past week and didn't get around to finishing my kitchen.  Two special visitors stole all of my attention.  I couldn't help myself.

I promise to get back on the wagon this week and finish everything.  For those of you who are a step ahead of me, I've got your Monday Motivation ready to go. 

Cleaning Kitchen Drawers
1.  Take everything out of a drawer (unless you're revamping your whole kitchen, just do one drawer at a time to keep from getting overwhelmed).
2.  As you remove each item, decide if you want to keep the item or not.  When was the last time you used it?  Do you have more than one of those items?  Is it broken? 
3.  Vacuum the drawer and wipe clean with damp cleaning rag. 
4.  If you use drawer dividers, place them in the drawer.
5.  Replace items into drawer.  If you have a choice, place the most used items closest to the front of the drawer for easy access. 
6.  If you have utensils or items you mostly use for entertaining, cookouts, or picnics, you might want to keep those items in another place so that they aren't in your way when you're cooking everyday meals. 

Cleaning Counter Tops
1.  Remove items from  counters.
2.  Wipe down counters.  While you're at it, wipe down the back splash as well.  Also, check underneath your upper cabinets.  You might be surprised what splashes up there when you're not looking.
3.  As you return each item back to it's place on the counter, clean the item first.  Also, think about what you are placing back in place.  Do you really need that item taking up space on your counter top?  Could you store it someplace else.  Remember, the more you have on display, the more you have to clean. 

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If you've had some success cleaning and organizing your kitchen this month, share your good news with all of us. 


  1. I'm plodding along, the color of my kitchen walls is yucky, so it makes cleaning the room more of a chore.
    I'll keep at it!
    Sheri O.

  2. I NEED to clean my drawers out - thanks for the reminder.


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