Friday, June 8, 2012

The Inn at Westwood Farm: A Wonderful Bed and Breakfast

Inn at Westwood Farm

When Hubs and I planned our trip to hike Old Rag Mountain, we decided to stay in a Bed and Breakfast instead of our usual family adventure of camping at a camp ground.

We were able to stay at a beautiful B&B called The Inn at Westwood Farm and it was a great way to celebrate our 31st anniversary as well as the 1st anniversary of my transplant.

Innkeepers, Elizabeth and Jay were wonderful hosts and we really enjoyed our stay there.  They worked very hard to make our stay comfortable and were most accomodating.  I must also mention that the whole Inn is top notch and CLEAN.  I love clean. 

I'll let the website show off the beautiful Inn and describe the ammenities.  I thought I would show some of our favorite outside areas.  One evening we walked around the property and took in all of the sites.

I took these photos while Hubs and I were sitting in Adirondack chairs in the yard.

The barn was beautiful and they have plans to turn it into part of their wedding venue for the next season.

One of our favorite places to visit on the property was the chicken house.

The Henslay Palace was filled with lots of hens and 1 rooster.

The rooster is the top guy with the wild hairdo.

Their veggie garden was going in and Jay had a humorous way of collecting the rocks he dug up from the garden.  This facinated Hubs and me because we have NO rocks at all in our area.  Rocks in the garden?  Really?

A great time was had by all and we will definately go back for future adventures.

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