Friday, June 29, 2012

Piddlin' And A New Use For An Unusual Product

I love to putter.  Some in the south call it "piddlin".  Whatever you call it - I love it.

I finally had a free afternoon to participate in my favorite hobby and my mantel was the recipient of the effort.

I like to putter using what I have on hand.  This collection is no different (except for one thing which I'll show you in a minute).  I scoured my garage, attic closet, and bin of summer decor.

First, I found part of an old table that Hubs disasssembled.  We found it curbside and scavenged the good wood that was left on it.  It was a drop-side table and we used the extension mechanism on my studio work surface.  The two drop sides were saved and I used one side on this mantel.  It's worn, but adds some character to the arrangement.

I also added a cloche with collected seashells, Hub's grandfather's barometer, a large conch shell, a wooden boat my son made for me, a few bottles, and piece of glass slag.

My favorite addition is the hanging lanterns (leftover from daughter's wedding) that add a lot of dimension to the mantel.  You won't believe what I hung them up with.

I found these purse hangers at the dollar store and my brain went into overdrive, thinking of how I could use them.

Ugly, no?

No worries, though, with my faithful can of spray paint (Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze).

I'm happy with the results and looking forward to using these little hooks to hang wreaths, artwork, and whatever else I can dream up in the future.  One warning, though. . . remove the hook and the lantern at the same time.  The hooks work using the weight of the item you are hanging.  If you just remove the lantern, the hook with fall right off. 

So, are you inspired to buy some Purse Mates?  What will you use them for?

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