Friday, December 21, 2012

Upcycled Window Seat Cushions

Everyone loves sitting on our window seat when they visit.  After all, not many homes have a window seat.

The problem with our window seat was that the cushions were too wimpy.  I made them 7 years ago when we first moved into our home.  I bought average cushion foam and it didn't hold up very well and it was too thin - especially for anyone not having enough padding of their own (if you know what I mean). 

I've gone through a few different colors of pillows, trying to make the area more cozy.  The back pillows are just bed pillows that I covered with upholstery remnants.

I bought new high density foam, 4 inches thick, on sale at Hancock Fabrics.  It is a "green" foam that doesn't off gas.  I bought 2 large pieces and cut them down to size, using the old cushions as patterns.  I then wrapped each piece of foam with batting.  I used a spray adhesive to attach the batting and it went very quickly.

Next, I covered the batting covered foam with a cover made from old sheets.  I used one queen size and one twin size sheet to cover the four cushions.

Finally, I made zippered slip covers for the cushions.   I used T-pins to hold the fabric in place while I pieced it together before sewing.  I used large cushion zippers in the back or side of each cushion so I can easily remove the covers for laundering. 

Where did i get the fabric?  Well, see the curtains in the background of this photo?  Yup, I took them down and covered the cushions with them (very Sound of Music, don't you think?).  The fabric is machine washable and has a wonderful texture to it.  I replaced the old curtains with thermal curtains.

I've got the some red pillows nestled in for Christmas along with Lammy the stuffed Lamb (a favorite of our littlest grandfella).

Ready for snuggling and reading.

What did I do with the old foam?   I cut it up and used it to redo my daughter's trash to treasure dining room chairs.  It was just enough foam to do the job. 


  1. I'm glad you posted this DIY. My window seat cushions had thin foam that didn't last very long and needed slipcovers badly. Thank you for inspiring me to make new ones! Love the fabric from the curtains.

  2. Hi Kelly, I do hope that you read this and get back to me . . . I found you when I Googled, bike stand to make my bike into an exercise bike. I love the stand that your hubby made. I do have a question about the pegs. I'm ready to order them, but wondered if they are a standard size and fit all bikes? I have two and they are both cruiser, I think 26 inches. I would love to know this . . . I have put on twenty pounds that I need to get back off and I don't like the idea of going outside walking and risking icy sidewalks.
    I love your blog and I think that we have a lot in common.
    I do hope that this finds you in much better health, in your bike post you had just had your kidney surgery and the problem with your leg.

    I am your newest follower. A wife, mother and grandma, that loves sewing, gardening, bike riding, walking, art of any kind and I sing and play guitar with a local group. We play at nursing homes, assisted livings, local events like the county fair, farmers market and festivals. I'm just a retired gal enjoying life and wanting to do whatever I can to keep this aging body healthy :)
    Merry Christmas
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)


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