Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do You Know About MedicAlert Bracelets?

This past summer, Hubs and I went on a wonderful hike.  I promised you I would write about the MedicAlert bracelet I wore while hiking. 
It is important that I have medical information available at all times in case of an emergency.  I researched different types of medical alert companies and felt that Medic Alert was the best organization for me and my family. I like that they are a nonprofit organization and  I can update my information at any time.
If something were to happen to me while I was running errands, emergency personnel could look on my bracelet and find out the 3 most important medical issues I have (I'm allergic to sulfa drugs, I've had a kidney transplant, and I am immune suppressed).  There is also a toll free number for them to call to find out what medications I am taking, who my doctors are, and who to contact in case of an emergency. 
I am always wearing one of my bracelets - even when I'm in my own yard or house because emergencies can happen anywhere. 
I ordered 2 bracelets when I signed up with MedicAlert.  One that was practical and form fitting (the one picture above) to wear while gardening, hiking, or working on messy projects.  I didn't want to have a bracelet that could get caught on branches, tools, or other things.
The other bracelet I ordered was a faux pearl bracelet that had a removable tag.  I figured that pearls go with everything (I know this because I'm from the South).  After wearing it every day for months, there came a fateful day. . .
The cotton string just couldn't hold up to my abuse.  I knew I could fix it, but I had to get some more pearls and findings.   When the bracelet broke, I lost some of them and didn't have any in my stash of craft stuff that was the same size. 
So, not wanting to be unaccessorized. . .  
I made one with black and clear beads that I had on hand. 
Then I went out and bought some more beads and findings. . .
I just couldn't stop.  They were so fun to make. . .
Here's another one.
And one in red.
Oh, yeah, I did get around to making another pearl one.  I added some mini pearls that I had in my craft bin.  Did you know that pearls go with everything?
A girl can never have too many accessories. 
I asked a friend who is a firefighter/EMT about my bracelet.  I wanted to make sure that emergency personnel would not mistake the bracelet for just a piece of jewelry but would be able to recognize it as an alert bracelet.  He assured me that it would be found but told me that the best thing to do is to have a piece of paper with all of my medical issues and medications in my wallet.  He also said it is wish to let your loved ones and those you work with know where your piece of paper is. 
Anyone who has a medical condition such as diabetes, allergies, hypertension etc. should have some sort of medical alert/contact system - even if it's just that piece of paper in your wallet.  You never know when it could save your life.
For those interested in making your own bracelets, I'll be posting a tutorial soon.  I've also seen some bracelets at Cracker Barrel that are meant to be used with a watch face, but they would work just fine with a Medic Alert tag.   

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  1. Kelly, this is pure genius! I love, love, LOVE it! Thanks for the idea!

    Carmen Murphy


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