Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Motivation: Gift Solutions

Now that you've made your lists and gotten your Christmas cards together it's time to work on the gifts. If you're like me you've squirreled a few gifts away during the year. Maybe some of you have even completed your shopping. If so, good for you! I'm not that organized yet. I actually like to do some shopping around the holidays. There's just something about the hustle and bustle of shopping that puts me in the holiday spirit. But. . . I can only take a little bit of that hustle and bustle.

So, here are a few ideas to help you tie this task up with a shiny, festive bow:

1. Refer to your list of people you intend to give presents to. Don't forget those extra gifts for office or school gift exchanges.

2. Order as many gifts as you can on line. Right now many stores are having sales and some even offer free shipping.

3. If you'll be making some of your gifts, be sure you have all of your craft supplies on hand.

4. If you'll be shipping gifts, make sure to have the proper sized mailing boxes or envelopes.

5. Set up a wrapping station in your home. I use a corner of my office/craft room. Don't forget tape, scissors, tags, and paper.

6. Check off your wrapped gifts on your gift list. If you will be hiding them after wrapping them, be sure to write down where you hide them! We've hidden gifts at our neighbors house when our children were in the "sleuthing" stage.

7. While you're out shopping it's a good idea to pick up gifts ahead of time for future gifts. I've purchased non-holiday picture frames, candles, and stationary to have on hand for people.

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