Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Motivation: 10 more things to get rid of

I've written about this before here and here, but this is an important thing to do.

Get rid of extra stuff!

Here's a quick list of my favorite items to get rid of when I help people organize or stage their homes.

1.  Dead plants (or silk plants that look dead)

2.  Old candles that are faded, crooked, or melted.

3.  Old magazines and newspapers - please recycle.

4.  Clothes that no longer fit - please donate

5.  Items that belong to friends or relatives - return them to their rightful owners - you're not a storage facility.

6.  Craft projects that you know you'll never finish - you're a different person than you used to be - donate supplies to a local group who can use them.

7.  CD/DVDs you're no longer using - the local VA center could probably use them.

8.  Baby toys and supplies your children have outgrown.  This one is hard for me because I love baby stuff (but my kids are 19, 25, and 29).  Save a few select things and give the rest away.  There are babies and mommies who need those things - the Crisis Pregnancy Center would be a good place to donate them.

9.  Food you won't eat.  I recently staged a kitchen for a client.  He was an elderly gentleman who had canned food that was bulging and rusting in the cabinet.  I couldn't get that food into the dumpster fast enough.  I was frightened for his safety.  Donate over purchased food to the Food Bank and toss anything that is expired. 

10.  Old make-up.  If you can't remember when you bought it - toss it.  The chemicals change over time and could be harmful to your skin.

If you get into the habit of throwing out/recycling regularly then you'll never be overwhelmed with junk.  If you just toss out 10 things a week you 'll be surprised how freeing it can be.


  1. Great list!!! I started today by going through one basket in the shelving unit by my art table... thank you for the motivation!

  2. Good list. I do some of this at least once a year and perhaps twice.

  3. I love motivation Monday! You are right...time to go! Out went National Geographic magazines from 1961. I asked everyone around and no one wanted them so I donated them to a school. Feels good to be free of them!


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