Friday, May 28, 2010

Updates from Brown Wren Acres

I've had a few readers ask me about updates on various things around "The Wren". 

So here are some updates you asked for and some you didn't ask for .

Baby Jay is all grown up now and his Mama has stopped chasing us around the yard.

Suzie has gotten out of her broody funk but is still not back to laying eggs. 

I'm very pleased with my new aluminum foil dryer balls.  Repeated use has shrunk them into tightly packed, smaller balls but they work really well.  I'm sold!

My sweet potato that has been rooting in a jar on my kitchen window sill has finally sent up shoots. I had to buy sweet potato plants this year because this experiment was a month late and a few dollars short.  Next year I'll know to start much earlier.


  1. Despite her lack of productivity, Suzie is one sexy chick!!!

    Are you growing the sweet potato into decorative vines or to grow potatoes? I've never tried this before, and would love to hear more about the progress.

  2. I read online that you could start sweet potato slips by submerging a sweet potato halfway into a glass jar. The resulting sprouts (or slips) can be sliced off and planted to grow sweet potatoes. I'll try to plant a few slips from this potato this year, but I think I'll just take the rest of the thing and plant it in a big pot on my patio for beautiful greenery. We'll see how it goes. It seems my gardening this year is one BIG experiment. I'll keep posting about it's progress as the Summer wears on.

  3. I love this update!:-D
    Have a great weekend!


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