Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planning An Outdoor Wedding: Choosing the Wardrobe

This is the 7th post in my Wedding Series. 

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As usual for us, we didn't go the usual route when selecting wedding apparel for this shin dig.
From the wedding dress to the Bride's father's clothing - nothing was what is advertised in all of those bridal magazines. 
The most important dress - the wedding dress - was the first stop.
We bought the dress months ago in a consignment shop.  Blush, a bridal consignment shop in Hampton, VA is a cute little shop with excellent customer service.  The owner specializes in wedding dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, formals, and attendant's dresses.  Here's Ashley's blog post about finding her dress.

                                                               (notice the yellow galoshes)

The attendant's dresses were found on Target.com.  The bridesmaids appreciated the low cost and the comfort of the dress.  No special undergarments, no expensive fittings. The green flats were found at Payless. She asked them to wear any type of pearl earrings and necklace.   

                                                   Photo by Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife)

The groomsmen wore their own khaki pants and brown shoes.  Ashley and I found the sweater vests at the Van Husen outlet in Williamsburg.  The ties were ordered online and so were the ecru shirts. 
The grooms suit was bought from Kohls.

                                                   (photo by Jo-Lynne at Musings of a Housewife)

Here's a photo of me with all of my favorite people. 

Starting from the left:
Oldest daughter with her hubby and sons, our son, baby daughter and her new hubby, me, and my love.

My dress came from the designer section at Dillards. I'm wearing my grandmother's crystal necklace.   Hub's sports coat, shirt, tie, and khakis all came from Sears.  My oldest daughter was able to find cute sweater vests and khakis for my little grandsons.  They looked so dapper!

Here's a breakdown of the costs for those of you who want details.

Bride's dress and veil ($700.00)
Bridesmaid's dresses ($25.00)
Bridesmaid's shoes ($7.00)
Groomsmen's vests ($15.00)
Groomsmen's shirts ($19.99)

Can I tell you how happy the attendants were to not have to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes they'll never wear again? 

Stay tuned tomorrow for wedding decorating ideas.

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  1. Ashley's post about the dress was very funny! We all share the same thoughts on spending money! Yeah!


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