Monday, January 30, 2012

My Newest Milk Glass Container

One of the rules I set for myself when I go thrifting is that I must find a use for each item I find.  I don't allow myself to hoard things just because they are a good deal. 

Last week I showed off my latest thrifting finds and promised to share what I decided to do with the milk glass pedestal dish.

I thought it would make a great holder for many of the small items I use next to my sewing machine.

The small scallops around the dish are the perfect size to hold small scissors, seam rippers, and threading helpers ( because I'm old and can't see the silly needle slit to thread it - ack!).  The sweet heart fabric is a ballet bag I'm making for my Etsy shop.  I hope to have it photographed and listed tomorrow along with a few other bags. 

I'm enjoying collecting the milk glass containers  to use as accessories on my studio work surface.

I'm still using my grandma's old red tomato pin cushion.  My sewing machine was my other grandmother's machine and I've been sewing on it for almost 20 years.  I love having a family heritage of women who created things. 

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  1. Oooh, pretty! I've been keeping an eye out for milkglass to add to my (small) collection as well. I can't wait to find more, but half the fun is the hunt, right? :-)


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