Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Planning An Outdoor Wedding: The Decor

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Once we got the hard scape decor taken care of (tables, chairs, dancefloor etc.) it was time to decorate.

We tried to use a lot of the items we already had around the house.  With lots of chairs and benches already available, we just rearranged them.  Here's a bench I worked on several months ago with the cushions I recovered. 

We borrowed round tables and topped them with tablecloths made from canvas drop cloths.  The drop cloths were then covered with chocolate brown burlap.  The centerpieces were simply various containers filled with chrysanthemums, various vases filled with acorns and candles, sections of tree stumps and acorn ornaments.

One large table (refinished road side find) worked as a guest table.  It contained two different ways that guests could give best wishes to the couple. 

Painted thrift store frames were used to make these guest signs.  Ashley painted the backs of the frames with chalk board paint.  Guests could write on the chalkboards and have their picture taken with their message to the new Mr. and Mrs.  I'll show you the second guest sign-in on Friday.

I made this sign with an old picture frame, a grapevine wreath, extra fabric, a paint pen, wooden letters, and acorn ornaments.  Ashley wanted this message displayed for her guests, so I just used what we had, adding only the wooden letters.

We borrowed these long tables and covered them with more drop cloths and burlap. We found large market umbrellas and used two of them to cover the food tables instead of using a tent.  We borrowed a friend's large potted ferns to cover the umbrella bases and fill the gap between the tables. 

The chafing dishes, some borrowed and some we own, lined the tables.  A friend made food labels and set them in small easels I bought last year at the dollar store.

At the entrance to our home, we placed a sign to welcome the guests.  Hubs made it using a grapevine wreath, black foam core, white primer, large sticks from the back yard, and my Christmas tree grapevine garland.  Smaller, similar signs with arrows were made to help guests find their way to the parking area. 
(I took this photo the day after the wedding - in the rain)

The little touches we added really helped to set the mood for the wedding. 

**special note** We used acorns we found in our yard as filler because it was an outdoor wedding.  I would not use them inside because they occasionally contain small worms that come out.  Trust me. . . it happens.  I'm just sayin'.

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  1. Your handiwork was evident all over the decor and it could not have been more gorgeous!!!!


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