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Planning An Outdoor Wedding: Special Touches and What it Cost

This is the 10th and final post in my Wedding Series (can I get an Amen?)

Previous posts include:

I am a sentimental fool.  And apparently, I've raised a few sentimental daughters as well.  Our minds are always looking for ways to incorporate family memories into parties and family celebrations.  We also like to look for ways to make new memories.  For this wedding, my offspring outdid me with sentiment. 

Here is one of the ways wedding guests could give the couple good wishes.  These chalkboard guest frames could be written on with chalk. . .

Or with chalk markers. . .

We love these chalk markers.

We even made a "necessary" sign to help guests find a necessary room.

Another chalkboard read. . .

For guests to do this. . .

Do you see the 2 orange thumb prints sitting in the tree K. I. S. S. I. N. G?

Another chalkboard directed guests to take homemade applebutter or coasters as a small thank you gift.

My grandson, the ring bearer, carried the rings (pretend rings) in a bird's nest.  He had a few "treats" waiting for him after his performance.  On the back of my chair is the wrap I made to wear after the ceremony.  I am a very small person and all of the wraps I could find were way too big.  I decided to make my own by hemming and fringing a piece of suiting fabric.  It worked very well and I was happy to not drag a ton of fabric around behind me. 

In memory of my beloved Mother in law, who passed away two days before the wedding, my daughters made a beautiful, understated memorial for her.  Nearby was a miniature posy that mimicked my daughter's wedding bouquet

Lastly, my son made this swing for his sister as a gift. 

We were glad the photographer decided to make it a feature in the first published wedding photo.

There were many other touching things, but I think you all have been very patient to hang on for this long.

Now, for those of you who like to know the financial details, here are the numbers.

1.  Dress, alterations, veil,  - $850.00
2.  Rentals (dance floor, chairs) - $1,200.00
3.  Photography - $3,000.00
4.  Food, dishes, beverages, cake - $1,000.00
5.  Decor (table fabric, plants, table decor, candles, umbrellas) - $700.00
6.  Outdoor items (mulch, wood for stage etc. $300.00
7.  Stationary (programs, invitations, stamps) $300.00
8.  Emergency straw and sump pump $100.00
9.  Party favors, kazoos to send the couple off in style $80.00
Total   $7,530.00

This is not an exact count.  The bride and groom paid for some of the items and of course we can't put a price on the gift of time and effort our friends gave to help make the day so special.  Our budget was $7000.00 and we could have done without a few things that put us over budget, but we think the day was just perfect.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Such amazing details - it looks like it was a fabulous wedding.

  2. This is the best wedding series I've ever read. I am simply amazed at how far a little planning can go and the wonderful ideas all of you came up with.

    A beautiful day, a gorgeous couple and images I will keep in the back of my head for future consideration!

    You all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done!


  3. I am so sad that I didn't get to make a chalkboard sign! We arrived too late to do it on the way in and I never went back to it. ARGH. At least our thumb prints are on the tree.

    I love that swing picture; I had no idea Ryan made it. I also missed the memorial to your MIL.

    I am so impressed with your budget, and I cannot BELIEVE you did all that food for $1000. Everything was wonderful.

  4. HI There! I am your newest follower from the blog hop!!! Lovely blog you have here:) You can find me at

    All of this is gorgeous! So inspirational! THANKS

  5. That thumbprint tree is way cooler than a guest book! And I totally spotted those two prints right of the bat LOL


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