Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Projects of 2012

I love looking back on the past year and being reminded of what I accomplished during the past 12 months.  Getting back most of the feeling and function in my right leg was a big help in getting projects done.  Yay for physical therapy!

Guest Room Redo:

Right after Christmas last year, I started working on the guest room on the 3rd floor our our home.  This bedroom with a sitting area and 3 piece bathroom is perfect for guests.  I was able to finish the room inexpensively by using things I already owned.  I only spent money on paint and a new set of sheets.

Goat Feed Bag Grocery Sack:

I finally made use of the goat and chicken feed bags that had been accumulating in our barn.  I turned a few of them into grocery sacks.  I'm still making them and selling them in my Etsy shop, but they quickly sell out and I've had a lot of local customers buying them.  I hope to add a few more into the shop soon.

Rocking Chair Into Wheelbarrow:

An old, broken rocking chair was my inspiration to remodel an old wheelbarrow.

Hanging Lanterns Without Using Nails or Screws:

I was thrilled to figure out how to temporarily hang my lanterns from my mantle without using nails and/or screws.  I found some purse hooks at the dollar store and after a quick spray paint finish, held the lanterns perfectly.

Trash To Treasure Dining Room:

A trash-to-treasure project provided 4 nice chairs and 2 bar stools for my daughter.

Refinished Bedside Table:

After searching for weeks for the perfect bedside table for my bedroom, I found one in my garage (who knew).  After refinishing it, it's just the right touch.

Window Seat Cushions Covered With Old Curtains:

Six months after starting this project, I finally finished the new comfy window seat cushions.  I made slipcovers for the cushions with my old curtains.  I felt like Maria in The Sound Of Music.

Floating Barnwood Shelves:

Hubs and I worked together to design the floating barn wood shelves that I asked for as a Christmas gift.
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  1. Love the guest room, the floating barn shelves and I so want to curl up on the window seat with my coffee and a blanket!! Happy New Year!! Stopping by from Musings of a Housewife's Blog Hop!

  2. inspire me!! Happy New Year!!

  3. You have such amazing projects! Some day I want you to come and help me with MY nest! ;-)


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